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We Needed A Way To Navigate Through The Tsunami Of Covid Data Online. It Got Confusing. So We Built www.hackingthevirus.com To Make It Less Confusing. Reddit Has Over 400 Million Usesrs. That's A Great Place To Start To Understand What The World Is Thinking. In Realtime.

Site Architecture Our Realtime (Almost) Reddit Parsing Engine Is Built Using: Postgresql, Praw Libraries (Python To Reddit Apis), Flask, The Nginx Web Server, Javascript And Bootstrap 5.0 For Screen Layouts And Responsive Design. Know In-House As Yarp [Yet Another Realtime Parser] Integrates All The Moving Parts Of A Search Engine With Human Modernation Aka The Mods -- Gatekeepers. They Are Not Always Perfect, But Overall Most Of The Larger Reddit Subreddits Are Well Managed, Maintaing A High S/N Ratio.

Who Is Yarp? We Are Preceptress. Yarp Builders, Coders, Hardware And Software Ideas, The Vision Thing, And Lets Connect Here.

Code Warriors Djdslam + Pappasmurf ﹠ +-The Collab Crew. Release Build﹕1.1128.2022 New2 + Cybernetics

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